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• Optimise your Active Worlds 3.4 browser

If your navigation and display seems slow, reassure first if your video mode is correctly configured.

An other cause could be a wrong configuration for the viewdistance under the tab Performances. Indeed, a viewing distance too large requires an enormous effort in 3D calculations from your CPU and videocard which can slow down older systems significantly.

If you are stuck in a very crowded zone with other avatars en different animations, see the tab Performances and deactivate "Show multiple avatar types" and "Show avatar animations".
This will result in, only visible to you, that the first avatar in the list will be used for all avatars present around you and in static mode, independant on if other users use trigger animations or not (.seq).
In these settings a considerable amount of 3D calculations can be spared which will free up resources from your computer.

Configure the viewdistance in Active WorldsYou can also change the setting for the viewdistance in the "Visibility" menu.
"Float" auto-configures the field in function of the value you have set for the number of images per second in the tab Performances. "Float" is by default activated and will search for the best compromise depending on if your sight is very charged or not.

If you prefer a visibility non-variable (200m maximum), the distance will always be equal to this setting independant of the density of construction or the world that you're visiting.

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