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• Chat tab

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Chat tab

Fully render the nn nearest avatars :
Owners of often visited worlds can make a special avatar available which is very light (in number of polygones) and which remains static all the time to ease the number of 3D calculations forced on the computers of their visitors.
If you are often visiting one of these virtual worlds, you can configure in function of the performances of your computer the number of avatars close to you which you desire to rendre optimal, leaving avatars further away from you displayed with the special, static avatar.
The worlds finding themselves in need of using this option to add a special avatar are not numerous, making this option unused in the most of the worlds.
Indeed, with exception of some worlds belonging to Active Worlds, it is rare for a large number of avatars to find themselves in the same area at the same time.

Log chat to file :
Allows to save automatically the chat to a text file to a location of your choice.
Example : C:\MyDialogs\chat.txt
If you do not specify any particular directory, the file will be created and saved in the root of the Active Worlds installation directory.
One chat session doesn't overwrite previous recorded ones but are appended. When checking this option you can sometimes quickly find yourself with a chatlog file of several Megabytes in a very short time.

Display chat text above avatars :
Displays the contents of a message above the avatar of the author.

Use "Comic style" chat balloons :
Displays the contents of a message above the avatar of the author in the form of a comic balloon.

Identify new messages after scrollback :
Displays a text in a different color to advertise you of the presence of new chat messages up to the point where you returned to read previous chat messages, after a short ( AFK ) for example.

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