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Advanced tab

After to have set your preferences for the used language, you can also choose to display or not the error messages (print object errors in chat window), which has as effect to list all files in the chat window which couldn't be downloaded (broken links) or which contained errors within the .RWX file.

The checkbox "CD-ROM" date from the time that AW distributed their program on CD-ROM.
People who desire to test their own made objects and worldowners can indicate a local path, respecting the same structure as the online files (object path), domain/subdirectories.

Example :
Your world is hosted by Alterlinks. You can create a directory called "localpath" for example on your harddisk.
In the directory "localpath" create a subdirectory called ""
In this subdirectory "" create again a subdirectory which has the same name as your virtual world under which you'll have to create all subdirectories respecting the same structure as your FTP space : A directory models, a directory avatars, a directory textures, aso...
At last, in this tab, enter "C:\localpath" (without the quotes) to use your created local path.

Eventhough the local path will work to display the objects without being connected to the Internet, tests made by our team have not been very conclusive. Indeed, several modification options won't work anymore when using a local path since version Active Worlds 3.4.

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