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Active Worlds - the world list Each worldname in the list is prefixed by an icon which informs the public to whom the world is addressed.
Icon gray : world access private
Icon PG,G aso... : public of all kind, from all ages to adults only.
At the present time, there is unfortunately no icon, neither an icon planned, which indicates a world accessible for tourists (free mode).
Try several worlds, with exception of worlds indicated with a gray icon, or type keywords in the Search tab.

When using a right mousebutton click; you will find several options to display the world list :
Display or hide private worlds
Display or hide empty worlds
When clicking at "Users" the list will be in order of visitors present in a world.
When clicking at "Worlds" (not to be confused with the tab worlds itself) will show the worldlist ordered by alphabet.

Note : icons showing a "?" (questionmark) are due to the fact that at time of writing of these manuals the program was still in beta test. These icons are in function of the version 3.4, for those who are still at 3.3 a "?" will be displayed. This explains the reason why several worlds aren't displayed with the actual correct icon, as it requires also the worldserver version 3.4.

The "?" (questionmark) will also be displayed if no specific public rating has been set by the worldowner.

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