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• Advanced mode in Active Worlds

When you enter for the first time in Active Worlds, you will see by default a webpage which takes a large part of the screen. This display offers a first help in english.
To no longer show the webpages, use the <F7> key.

To use to its full extends the AW program, click on "advanced mode".
If you desire to change the language of the browser, click then here.

Active Worlds Advanced mode

The "Register" button is logically used to register yourself as citizen. You will have the choice between a subscription per month or per year. The yearly subscription is less expensive and, in conterary to the monthly subscription, to cancel your subscription you simply don't renew your payment. Indeed, the monthly subscription will charge you automatically each month.
Eventhough payments per cheque are possible, the delay can be very long when made from outside the United states.
If you are within the Euro zone, it is more interresting to purchase your citizen account either by creditcard or cheque from this website, especially because often we apply promotional reductions.
Indeed, lots of Europeans forget that to the Active Worlds prices, displayed in Americain dollars, banks will apply exchange and bankcommisions. Sometimes these can be relatively high.
We advise to consult our section "Security" to engage yourself without risks.

There are a lot of display options and shortcuts for most of them :

  • <F1> displays the AW help (english)

  • <F2> displays or hides the visibility

  • <F3> displays or hides the files in progress of download (or refresh)

  • <F4> displays or hides the transfer speed

  • <F5> displays or hides the altitude

  • <F6> refreshes the current displayed webpage

  • <F7> displays or hides the webpage display

  • <F8> displays or hides the whispers (not active in AW worlds and worlds which don't allow tourists to talk in private)

  • <F9> displays or hides the left menus (full screen)

  • <F10> displays or hides the grid

  • <F11> displays or hides your current coordinates

You will find more display options under the Video tab of the browser.

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