The contact list

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• The contact list

Adding a contact

This option, only available in registered mode (citizen), allows you to add up to 500 contacts.
Right-click with the mouse in the tab "Contacts" to add a new one.

When right-clicking on a present avatar, you can also (among other options) add this person to your personal contact list.

Right-click on an avatar

To send a telegram, a file, join, obtain a citizen number aso... from one of your contacts, right-click on the aliasname in your contact list to obtain access to the different options concerning the contact.

Contact list options

Join :
Join the person wherever the person is currently located. It can either be within the same world as where you already are, or an other virtual Active World.

Send telegram :
Opens the editing window for telegrams to be send to the concerning contact.

Send file :
Allows you to send a file to the contact.

View Home Page :
Will display the contact's home page.

Remove :
Removes the contact from your list.

Add new contact :
Opens a window which allows you to enter the alias name of the person you wish to add to your contact list.

Hide my online/offline/AFK status :
Displays permanently a questionmark, wheter you are online or not, in front of your name in the contactlist of the selected contact.

Hide my current world :
Hides the world you are currently visiting in the contactlist of the selected contact.

Block telegrams :
Deny the selected person to send you any telegrams.

Block join requests :
Deny the selected person to join you.

Block file transfers :
Deny the selected person to send you any files.

Mute on sight :
You will no longer see any chat messages from the selected author.

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