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• Download and installation

If you do not have the Active Worlds browser, you can download the browser and try Active Worlds for free and for as long as you like.
The installation procedure will only takes several seconds.

If you're not sure which type of internet connection you have, then simply click "detect" for an automatic discovery.

The following identification window will be promted :

Enter into Active Worlds

Enter your preferred alias name as well as an e-mail address.
If you have a citizen account, click then "citizen" and follow the directions on the screen.

During your first visit to an Active Worlds virtual world, don't panic if the first display doesn't seem pleasant on the eyes : black triangles will appear first but will be replaced by 3D objects as your download completes.
It might take a certain time to have loaded and transfererd to cache all the objects, an amount of time which is variable depending on the quality of your connection and the number and their sizes of the objects to be downloaded. There can be lots of objects with more or less large filesizes (Kb), depending on the style of a world.

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