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General tab

Activate ambiance music :
Play or not the ambiance music .mid

Activate the sound effects :
Play or not the sound effects .wav et .mp3.

Note : sounds are always downloaded, wheter or not you've activated or disactivated the settings above.
See tab Downloads to block downloading of sounds.

Play building/telegram sounds :
If you desire a sound effect to be played to inform you of a received telegram and/or modifications related to building, you can check these options.
You can play your personal sounds by replacing the default ones located in the directory "Active Worlds\DEFAULT\SOUNDS".

Freelook mode :
Activate the camera mode (sight/view orientation) controlled by mouse.

Inverse the Y axis in freelook mode :
Check this case if you wish to orientate your view down in freelook mode while moving the mouse up and the opposite.

Head Bob :
Check this case if you wish to make the walking actions even more realistic by a camera effect which follows your every move.

Ignore orientation when flying/swimming :
Check this case if you do not wish to be orientated into your view direction during flying or swimming actions.

World level and parent control :
The browser can be configured to deny access to worlds which could possibly contain information reserved to adults.
These concerning worlds will no loger appear in the world list of the browser and will only be accessable by using a predefined password located at "Rating Password".
X doesn't filter any world at all.

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