Become a citizen (registrated mode) and managing the account

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• Active Worlds citizen accounts

To register yourself (purchasing a citizen account) we advise to prefer the websites Alterlinks, the official Active Worlds website or the "Register" button integrated in the program.

When purchasing your account with Alterlinks (official Active Worlds distributor in Europe) your bank information is not exchanged with our servers and aren't saved. Your informations aren't known to any staff member of our team, but are exchanged directly with the bank using the secured SSL protocol.

Benefits of a citizen account :

• Your alias name will be unique

• You have access to all worlds which are not indicated with a gray icon in the world list.

• Access to all the available avatars in a world

• You can build in a large number of worlds

• Your building constructions can't be destoyed

• You can add contacts to your contact list, exchange files, chat with your contacts thru messages called Telegrams and join them wherever they are

• Allow or block everybody or certain persons of your choice to send you telegrams or files

• Allow or block everybody or persons of your choice to join you

• Show yourself as invisible in the contact list of others or only to persons of your choice

• Access to the AFK mode

• Access to the offer (not renewable) to obtain a small (p10) world with restricted options but free for 30 days.

• Configure your citizen account :

A citizen account can be configured under "Options/citizen".

Citizen Active Worlds 3.4

You can configure your account in the window as shown below :

Citizen options

Name : your alias name
Citizen : the citizen number which has been attributed to your account will be displayed here
Password and confirmation : your password to protect your citizen account
Email address : your e-mail address. Choose with care, see also Security for more information
Website : The URL of your website. Non-mandatory field
Privileges : password which allows others to obtain the same rights as your citizenaccount. Useful for example when building with several people in the same area. Even if this privilege password gives the same rights as your citizen account, the privileges have nothing to do with your citizenship password.
The privilege password should be different than from your citizenaccount password.
To resume, it's used to borrow the rights of your account without the risks of losing your account.
Immigrated : shows the date at which your account became activated.
Renewal : shows the date at which your account should be renewed at the latest. When your account arrives at the renewal date, a message will warn you in the chat window, so you won't have to worry about this date if you are connecting at least once per 15 days.
Total time : shows the total time of connection activity since the account creation date.

You can unsubscribe a citizenship at the following address :
Enter here your alias name (citizenaccount name) and password.

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